Legal Representation With a Limited Budget

Are you in a fix and need legal representation? Do not worry, you are not alone. There are plenty of people that cannot afford to have a lawyer. Luckily there are other options and even free help for your case. Here are some options you can look into when you just don’t have the money to pay for an attorney at regular prices.

I am sure you have all heard of the term “Pro Bono”. It is a legal term regarding free lawyer representation, and when translated means “for the good”. Pro Bono representation is free and is performed by volunteer attorneys looking to give their daily dose of kindness. Of course, there is always a catch though. In order to qualify for Pro Bono assistance you have to be in a low income bracket or one pretty sticky situation. They ask for you to provide proof of your income and assets before taking on your case. This is a perfect solution for those that do not have the money to afford a lawyer.

Another popular term you may have heard of is a Public Defender. They are also designed for people who simply cannot afford an attorney. This option provides free or low budget lawyers. Again you will have to prove your low income bracket to qualify for Public Defender assistance.

The problem with the two solutions above is not everyone can qualify for their help. That means the weight of your assets could affect your shot at a lawyer, even if you do not have the income you used to. You still have other options, do not worry. Not only are there programs devoted to helping you find affordable representation, but there are payment programs available to help you map out your payback plans over an arranged period of time. Now you do not have to worry about affording a lawyer all at once because, technically you can finance one. Often times in the long run it was a smart financial investment to take your limited budget and hire a lawyer. For example, if you are separated from your husband or wife and paying for everything without the financial help of your spouse. You want to get a divorce lawyer and make your spouse pay child support, but you can’t afford a lawyer. In this situation it would be smart to hire a lawyer and make payments, because in the long run you are going to be getting a higher income.